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Champion Horse Mechanical Ride
When coin operated kiddie rides first appeared in the late 1940s & early 1950s what did every kid in America want to be? A cowboy.
Knowing that every kid wanted to be a cowboy. The manufacturer decided to use the name of a horse made famous.
By one of America’s most famous cowboy movie heroes -Gene Autry. They named their horse Champion.
Champion appeared in front of grocery stores across America.
When just 1cent 10cents or 25cents would bring a loud yell of Giddy up and another little cowboy would ride a minute of laughter and fun.
And afterwards the only thought in this little cowboys mind was to ride another day.
Champion is still one of the most collectible vintage coin operated kiddie rides.
We have Champion horse rides in a variety of colors. Or we can custom paint and airbrush the ride and lettering to your specifications.