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Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer Coid Ride
In the 1950s united tool and engineering company decided to build a coin operated ride that would appeal to children during the Christmas Season.
The first Coin operated Rudolph “the red nosed reindeer” ride (Rudy) was put in front of hardware and grocery stores across America.
And for 1 cent, 5 cents or 10 cents a child could live the dreams of being with Rudolph” the red nosed reindeer” on Christmas Night.
Since “Ride Rudy” was a seasonal kiddie ride, The amount of these rides built was minimal.
Vintage coin operated “ride rudy” kiddie rides are very rare.
Make sure to buy this one before the Christmas season.
This is a restored vintage Rudolph “The Red Nosed Reindeer” Kiddie Ride. This Reindeer has been professionally painted and airbrushed looks fantastic.
Here are the specifications from an original 1950s “Rudy the deer” brochure
All-welded aluminum in natural appearing brown, trimmed in white.
20” wide, 49” long, and 51” high.
Weight: 180 pounds uncrated.
“Rudy” has a custom designed leather saddle and martingale.
The base has a non-slip rubber top. Its made from handsome sheet metal and plywood for long life and is finished in green.
Later years the “ride Rudy” base cover was made of fiberglass. Also could be operated on 25cents.
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